27 November 2013

Ceres Power presented significant technical progress of its fuel cell technology at the recent Okinawa Fuel Cell Conference in Japan. Two technical papers were published which explain the performance advances demonstrated by the low cost Ceres’ Steel Cell over the past year, particularly in relation to robustness, efficiency and durability.

These papers support the internal test results Ceres has achieved, which include:

Increase of efficiency to > 50% Gross Electrical Efficiency (LHV) at Fuel Cell Module, with ongoing work to increase this further; Accelerated testing of the Steel Cell technology which shows robustness to thermal cycle and repeated emergency stops (Redox) equivalent to twice the expected required design lifetime. These findings corroborate the significant advantages of the Ceres’ Steel Cell fuel cell technology over traditional solid oxide fuel cell designs. These unique characteristics of Ceres’ Steel Cell fuel cells enable their widespread commercial adoption in a broader range of applications, from residential systems to higher power applications.

ECS Trans.-2013-Leah-461-70.pdf

ECS Trans.-2013-Leah-849-56.pdf

These papers are reproduced with permission from J. Electrochemical Soc., 57(1) Copyright 2013, The Electrochemical Society. Use is subject to ECS license or copyright; see ecsdl.org/site/terms_use

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