Purpose of the Job:

This role within the Systems Team of Ceres Power will focus on thermal system development. The SteelCell™ operates at 500-600°C and so presents an interesting engineering challenge to optimize the system design and many opportunities to maximize system performance.

Key Accountabilities:

  • As part of project teams understand key drivers, requirements and specifications for Fuel Cell Systems.
  • Development of system architectures to meet customer product requirements.
  • Conduct simulations and analysis of components and thermal systems.
  • Produce component designs and specification documentation.
  • Overseeing verification and validation programs.
  • Writing test plans, reports and presenting work to internal and external customers.
  • Specifying test plans and analyzing test data.
  • Writing reports and presenting work to internal and external customers.
  • Working with partners as part of project teams.

Desirable Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

  • BSc/MSc or BEng/MEng in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or similar.
  • Thermal systems background and experience.
  • Good fundamental thermo-fluids knowledge and understanding.
  • Experience of development testing, verification and validation.
  • Interpretation of test results, with understanding of measurement techniques, data acquisition and analysis.
  • Experience in industry or during PhD.
  • Basic knowledge of fuel cells.
  • Understanding of hydrocarbon fuel reforming and catalysts material selection.
  • Steam generation for reforming.
  • Combustion devices.
  • Heat exchangers.
  • Mass manufacturing methods and design for manufacture.


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