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Ceres Power Holdings plc
04 February 2008

4 February 2008

                           Ceres Power Holdings plc
                 ('Ceres', 'Ceres Power' or the 'Company')

                           New Director Appointments

Ceres Power, the AIM-quoted fuel cell group, is pleased to announce the
appointment of Alan Wood and Sir David Brown to its Board as Non-Executive
Directors. Together they bring extensive experience in innovative consumer
products and building high technology based businesses in rapidly developing
global markets.

Alan has had extensive experience within various divisions of Siemens plc having
joined the company in 1981 and rising to the position of Chief Executive. Alan
has chaired a number of regional CBI councils during the period 1996 to 2006,
and has chaired the EEF Economic Policy Committee during the period 2003 to 2005
and the Wood Review into EU Public Procurement for HM Treasury in 2004. Alan is
currently Non-Executive Chairman of Siemens Holdings plc.

David was appointed Chairman of Motorola Limited in 1997, having held a number
of executive appointments within the group from 1991. He is a prominent figure
in the electronics industry and has had significant involvement in a number of
government advisory bodies. He was also a Non Executive Director of P&O until it
was acquired in 2006.

John Gunn who has served a six-year term as a Non-Executive Director of the
Company will retire with effect from 4 February 2008.

Brian Count, Non-Executive Chairman of Ceres Power Holdings plc, commented 'I am
delighted that Alan and David have agreed to join the Board and their experience
and knowledge will be invaluable in supporting the Group's transition to
commercialisation where it can compete in both the UK and international markets.
I would also like to thank John Gunn for his contribution in successfully
steering Ceres over the past 6 years. These appointments complete the reshaping
of the Board for the challenges ahead.'

Information required pursuant to Schedule 2 (g) of the AIM Rules:

Alan John Wood is aged 60.

He currently holds the following directorships:

*         Siemens Holdings plc (registered number 02465263)

*         BSH Home Appliances Limited (registered number 01844007)

*         Corac Group plc (registered number 03152034)

*         EEF Trustees Limited (registered number 00727080)

*         Whatman plc (registered number 00630958)

Alan holds no shares or share options in Ceres Power.

Other directorships held in last five years (no longer held):

*         Electrium (2003) Limited (registered number 03335339)

*         Electrium Limited (registered number 04948228)

*         Electrium Sales Limited (registered number 02226729)

*         Electrium (UK) Limited (registered number 00167171)

*         Oldbury (Banbury) Limited (registered number 04115058)

*         Osram Limited (registered number 01961715)

*         Roke Manor Research Limited (registered number 00267550)

*         Siemens VDO Automotive Telford Limited (registered number 02375012)

*         Siemens Dematic Systems Limited (registered number 04123512)

*         Siemens Building Technologies Limited (registered number 01681983)

*         Siemens VDO Automotive Limited (registered number 00976731)

*         Siemens VDO Trading Limited (registered number 00965702)

*         Siemens plc (registered number 00727817)

*         VDO Holdings Limited (registered number 04114756)

*         EPCOS UK Limited (registered number 03965688)

Sir David Martin Brown is aged 57.

He currently holds the following directorships:

*         Motorola Limited (registered number 0912182)

*         Motorola Pension Trustees Limited (registered number 06445533)

*         TTPCom Limited (registered number 03475732)

*         TTP Communications Limited (registered number 03962171)

*         Symbol Technologies Limited (registered number 01096253)

*         Symbol Technologies UK Limited (registered number 03227022)

David holds no shares or share options in Ceres Power.

Other directorships held in last five years (no longer held):

*         The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (registered
          number Z73)

*         Information Technology Telecommunications & Electronics Association
          (registered number 1200318)

*         UFI Limited (registered number 03980770)

*         UFI Charitable Trust (registered number 03658378)

There is no other information required to be disclosed pursuant to Schedule 2
(g) of the AIM Rules.

                                    - ends -

For further information contact:

Brian Count, Non-Executive Chairman
Ceres Power
+44 (0) 7989 494 222
Patrick d'Ancona / Ben Simons
M: Communications
+44 (0) 207 153 1531

About Ceres Power

Ceres is a successful AIM-listed fuel cell business developing a range of global
market applications including residential combined heat and power, on-site /
back-up generators and auxiliary power units for transport. The technology is
based on commercially available materials for low cost manufacture and, unlike
many fuel cells, the Ceres cell operates on widely available fuels like natural
gas and LPG, as well as on hydrogen.

Ceres has developed a new generation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) technology
which operates in the temperature range of 500-600 degrees C enabled by the use
of CGO (Cerium Gadolinium Oxide) as the electrolyte material. This is
substantially lower than the temperatures at which conventional SOFC materials
operate, typically 750-1000 degrees C for YSZ (Yttria Stabilised Zirconia).

The inherently lower operating temperature of the Ceres CGO-based SOFC
technology enables thin ceramic layers to be supported by metal substrates,
which, in turn, provides the basis of cell and stack designs manufactured from
commercially available grades of stainless steel, providing excellent sealing
integrity, mechanical robustness, and thermal shock resistance.

Fuel and air are supplied to a stack of fuel cell layers to produce electricity
and heat via a solid state electrochemical process. Unlike combustion in an
engine or with a burner, this process is highly efficient, environmentally
friendly, and quiet.

The uniqueness of the Ceres metal supported SOFC technology and its operating
temperature range provide the basis for a range of attractive commercial
applications in terms of: fuel efficiency, with associated economic savings and
reduction in carbon emissions; heat-to-power ratio ideally suited for domestic
CHP applications and well matched to seasonal variations in electrical and heat
demand; the ability to operate on a range of commercially available fuels
including natural gas and LPG; low temperature of operation enabling use of
commercially available materials resulting in reduced product costs.

In conjunction with the Ceres stack programme, the Company has been developing
the non-fuel cell elements within the complete product, known as the balance of
plant ('BOP'), as part of its systems integration activities aimed at delivering
products for specific customers. Because of the unique attributes of the
technology, Ceres has been able to dramatically reduce the time and cost of BOP
development and systems integration by utilising mature component supply chains
and ordinary, low cost materials. Unlike other fuel cell designs which operate
at more extreme temperatures, time-consuming and expensive bespoke solutions for
BOP components are not required.

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